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Natural, environmentally friendly and seriously powerful the bocadillo de guayaba is one of the treats that have defined Colombian food identity. 

Always a companion in the jerseys’ back pocket since the earliest days of local cycling.


In these days of energy gels and performance-focused nutrition, there will be a respectable space for Colombian bocadillo. 


The guava, one of modern-day super foods, is abundant in the country and has a deserved special place in the national popular cuisine and culture. 


In harmony with today’s most valued food, the bocadillo features only two ingredients: guava – ultra rich in vitamins A and C, high in magnesium and antioxidants. Add fast-release sugarcane extract and the result is the perfect energy-boosting companion for any cyclist.


The escarabajos that conquered the peloton from the early 80s brought bocadillos with them and it became much more than a snack. It was a sweet, portable and edible reconnection to their native Colombia. The comforting taste of home that accompanied their voyages to foreign countries, harsh cold weather and unfamiliar racing.

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