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Matt Rendell’s portrait of Colombia is a must-read for anyone interested not only in cycling but also in Colombian recent social history. Thoroughly recommended.


A well-written, impartial and faithful view of country’s and a magnificent introduction to local background and to the sport that has accompanied every step of Colombians for nearly a century.


Passionate and throbbing from pre-Hispanic times, Colombia is an eventful country that has faced very challenging times and painful problems.

However, in the last two decades Colombians have experienced very positive change. What once was an isolated nation has opened to the world offering visitors wonderful nature, buzzing cities and unrivalled people’s friendliness. 


Cyclists from all over the world, have started to discover the country’s privileged riding terrain and year-long sunny weather. 


This has coincided with an explosion of Colombian talent in the professional peloton. Rigoberto Uran and Nairo Quintana took the torch from the glorious 80s and became worthy successors of Lucho Herrera, Fabio Parra, Oliverio Rincón and many others.


From the new wave, young prodigy Egan Bernal has written another golden page of Colombian cycling becoming the first Latin American to win the Tour de France. 

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