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1995 MUNDIAL DE CICLISMO 1 Edit.jpeg


The city of Duitama (department of Boyacá) was the stage of a true thrilling race. Not very often you see stage-race cyclist fighting for the World Champion title as it normally favours sprinters and one-day specialists.


However, the ´95 edition was special.

During the '80s, Colombia made its name known in the international cycling arena and Duitama, cradle of exceptional talents, was chosen to organise the event.

It was an unusual geographic location away from European tradition to say the least.

Although it didn't feature an uphill finish (which would've put off many possible contenders), the altitude was the biggest enemy for any aspiring champion. The route presented the riders with a start/finish line at 2590 meters above sea level and highest point of 2850 meters.

Still, it is the podium after the race that tell us how extraordinary this edition was (spoilers following!).

The names Miguel Induráin, Marco Pantani and Abraham Olano should be more than enough to make any cycling enthusiast excited. But the attacks, mechanical problems and unexpected result placed this race as one of the most thrilling moments of the sport.

Even though the local heroes didn't shine as we all expected, Colombian fans were treated with an unforgettable spectacle.

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